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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Cover Art

I should have the mock-up of the cover for Forever After in my hot little hands sometime next week.

In the meantime enjoy these blurbs from the back jacket of the Forever After cover, releasing in October!

And don't forget: review, review, review!  Into The Dreaming has a Five-Star rating on both and, don't forget to add your opinion on ITD after you've finished reading :)

Blurb for Forever And A Day

Cy went through hell in Into The Dreaming to rescue Desi from the clutches of his people's worst enemy.  Now she's safe and sound in the Celestial Caverns but House Celestia is once again in turmoil in their leader’s absence.

Desi never thought Cy would be for her after he left her heartbroken years ago.  But his valiant efforts to rescue her from Kraken soon changed her mind.  There's just one problem: Desi is human with a human's lifespan while Cy's wolf-shifter nature will keep him alive for centuries more to come.

Did the gods really choose such a heartbreaking fate for them, or is there something else up their sleeves?

Blurb for Sweet Enemy

You met Allyce and Ajax in Into The Dreaming, a fated pair fighting on opposite sides of an immortal war and determined to claim each other despite being each other’s Sweet Enemy.

Now with a single decision they’re reunited – with two worlds’ worth of hurt between them.  Can these two lovers heal their past in order to save their future?

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