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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Forever After Release Now Scheduled

Forever After the next installment of my House Celestia series containing the novellas Sweet Enemy and Forever And A Day is scheduled to release in ebook format the first week of October with the print edition release on October 31, just in time for Halloween!

To celebrate I've included a special bonus short story set on Halloween and featuring none other than Ember and Hermes titled: What Happens On All Hallows Eve, Stays On All Hallows Eve.

Don't forget to mark your calendars to pick up your copy of this exciting and fun installment of the House Celestia series.

P.S.  This bonus short story also introduces Pandora, the main character of my Infernia Chronicles sci-fi series which begins with Sand and Snow available Winter 2013!

Friday, September 20, 2013

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Cover Art

I should have the mock-up of the cover for Forever After in my hot little hands sometime next week.

In the meantime enjoy these blurbs from the back jacket of the Forever After cover, releasing in October!

And don't forget: review, review, review!  Into The Dreaming has a Five-Star rating on both and, don't forget to add your opinion on ITD after you've finished reading :)

Blurb for Forever And A Day

Cy went through hell in Into The Dreaming to rescue Desi from the clutches of his people's worst enemy.  Now she's safe and sound in the Celestial Caverns but House Celestia is once again in turmoil in their leader’s absence.

Desi never thought Cy would be for her after he left her heartbroken years ago.  But his valiant efforts to rescue her from Kraken soon changed her mind.  There's just one problem: Desi is human with a human's lifespan while Cy's wolf-shifter nature will keep him alive for centuries more to come.

Did the gods really choose such a heartbreaking fate for them, or is there something else up their sleeves?

Blurb for Sweet Enemy

You met Allyce and Ajax in Into The Dreaming, a fated pair fighting on opposite sides of an immortal war and determined to claim each other despite being each other’s Sweet Enemy.

Now with a single decision they’re reunited – with two worlds’ worth of hurt between them.  Can these two lovers heal their past in order to save their future?

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Get Caught Up

Forever After is tentatively scheduled for release during the first half of October (date TBA).  I'm so excited for the second and third installments of the House Celestia series release that I've partnered with for a special offer:

Get Caught Up! by purchasing your copy of Into The Dreaming through October 5, 2013 at a special discounted rate only available to my faithful followers.  Use the following code at checkout and receive a 75% discount on Into The Dreaming.  That's right 75% off the list price.

Discount Code: GU54C

Enjoy your limited time savings!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Forever And A Day Sneak Peek

Enjoy this free sneak peek from Forever And A Day coming soon in the duology Forever After.

Forever And A Day
A House Celestia Novella

By Stephanie Brooks

Copyright © 2013 Stephanie Brooks

All Rights Reserved

“This is House Celestia, love.  Trust me things can always get worse.” ~ Cy


“Desi,” the voice ruptured the silence in the synthetic darkness of the Celestial Cavern’s hallway like a tire iron to the back of her head.  “Come away now.  You need to rest.”

Turning her head she gives Cy a scathing glance.  Like he’s one to talk.  Neither of them have moved from their posts outside North’s – now Gen’s – chambers since they brought the near-comatose woman home.  Whether Cy remains out of guilt or some misplaced sense of duty or whatever she isn’t sure.

But that’s her friend inside that shrine to her lost love.

And she’s dying inside, a little more every day.

Desi is too, her heart is breaking and bleeding right along with Gen’s.

Whatever Cy feels, Desi’s guilt and her fear for her friend’s sanity and life are very real and very strong.  None of this ever would have happened if it wasn’t for her.  Gen would be snuggling and canoodling with her wolf-shifter lover and maybe making a little Prince or Princess for her people if not for Desi.  She’d be whole and happy and loved, something Desi’s wanted for her friend ever since she met her.

No one has ever deserved life, love, and happiness more than her Gen.

And instead of getting it her friend, her heart-sister, is fading.  Dying inside from having North’s soul torn away from her.

“Come away Desi.”  Cy says, a smile beginning to cross his handsome face.  His shifter hearing is picking up something from the chamber behind them.  Something he never thought to hear ever again.

“What the fuck are you smiling about?”  His brother is dead for mercy’s sake.

“Ssh.  Listen close.”  He takes her hand and tugs her next to the door.  “Can you hear it?”

Humoring him she presses her ear up to the stone slab they call a door only to jerk away in shock at what is coming from inside the room.

“Is that?”

“It’s laughter, Desi.”  Whooping he lifts her up and spins her around.  “Both of them are in there laughing.  I don’t know how or why, but he’s back, love.”  Dropping her back down to her feet Cy steals her mouth in a scorching kiss.

His brother’s back.

Forever And A Day Coming in October from author Stephanie Brooks!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Into The Dreaming Book Reviews

Hi Everybody!

Once you've read Into The Dreaming don't forget to post a review on, GoodReads,, or your favorite book review site.

Right now Into The Dreaming has a 5 Star Rating on, let's keep that good trend going!

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